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With so many different spa brands around we were spoilt for choice when it came to selecting the right brand to partner with in the new House Spa which opened at Dormy House in February this year.

So why Temple Spa?

Well it’s very simple really. They get it. They reflect everything that Dormy House stands for as a brand and they fully understand our vision. They are innovative, clever, full of ideas and most importantly to us they are fun.

At Dormy House we never take ourselves too seriously. We like to deliver the highest standard of service to guests but with a very light-hearted touch. We found that Temple Spa’s philosophy was very similar and the relationship just clicked.

The main reason we absolutely love working with Temple spa is because of their ‘we are in it together’ approach. We never feel alone or abandoned and we feel like an extension of the Temple Spa team.

Liz & Mark Warom, owners of Temple Spa, are like the doting parents of their brand, business and team, including us.

Our guests, members and team absolutely love Temple Spa, its products, treatments and it’s firmly here to stay at House Spa. They are a brand that never stands still, their ideas are plentiful and we can’t wait to see what they do next.