Nothing says summer like a bag of charcoal, a garden full of friends and something yummy grilling away on the barbie. This week, Dormy’s very own Executive Head Chef Jon Ingram teaches us the art of the barbecue…

Gone are the days of the charred burger and the under-cooked chicken, the claggy potato salad and the lukewarm beer. The modern day barbecue is an altogether more gourmet experience, featuring an increasingly imaginative array of dishes, inventive salads and flavour-packed cocktails. Everyone loves a barbecue–not least our Executive Chef Jon Ingram.

Come summer, Jon says, he rarely turns on his oven at home; everything is cooked on his trusty barbecue.

We asked him for his favourite BBQ recipe and the answer came almost before we’d finished the question: ‘Life-Changing Ribs’.

‘Bold claim’ we thought, but then, having tried these meltingly tender, gloriously spicy ribs when he put them on the menu at The Potting Shed, we have to agree. Once you’ve sampled these, your typical bangers and drumsticks just look disappointing..

Jon is sharing the secrets of his life-changers over the next few weeks, as well as a sure-fire hit of a side dish, some smalleffort, big-impact desserts and, naturally, suggestions for the ideal alfresco drinks to accompany it all.

These should be all you need to put on the kind of show-stopping summer spread that will leave any friends you invite nervous about returning the favour – but that doesn’t matter, because when you can rustle up a barbecue like this at home, you won’t want to go anywhere else…

Jon’s Life-Changing Ribs

This dish is everything proper barbecued food should be: smoky, spicy, saucy and joyously messy.

Quick tip: Tie a bunch of rosemary to the handle of a wooden spoon and use it to brush your favourite barbecue sauce onto the ribs while they cook to enhance the aromatic flavours of the meat.


Serves 4

200g soft brown sugar

1tsp chilli powder

2tsp onion powder

2tsp garlic power

1 ½tsp cayenne pepper

25g table salt

2tsp ground cumin

1 rack of good-quality pork ribs


1. Mix all the ingredients together and rub evenly on both sides of the ribs.

2. Place the ribs on a grill rack on top of a baking tray and add a little water on the bottom of the tray – just enough to cover it. Cover the tray with foil.

3. Place the ribs in a pre-heated oven and cook at 160ºC (gas mark 3) for two hours.

4. Once cooked, remove the ribs from the oven and place to one side to cool.

5. Once cool, separate the ribs. 6. Finish the ribs off on the barbecue until they have a good colour and are hot all the way through.

So, will they change your life? Show us how you got on – Tweet your BBQ snaps to @DormyHouse