03 June 2013

A step closer to the finishing line as Dormy House enters its second phase of renovation works

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Dormy House and thankfully not even the temperamental British weather has held developments up. The second phase is well under way and Phil and his team have been making great progress with the main structural work. The building is now watertight and the roof of the restaurant – name to be unveiled shortly – is set to be installed next week.

Inside we are excited to see Emily Todhunter and her team at Todhunter Earle set to work on the interior design. With the bedroom walls now plastered and the baths in place, the tiles are ready to be mounted – and we’ve heard they are a real work of art!

And, last but by no means least our sparkling new House Spa is progressing well. What was a muddy hole in the ground now looks more like the shape of the infinity swimming pool we had envisaged and work will begin on the six Spa Guestrooms over the next two weeks. We are excited…the countdown is well and truly on…