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From our specialist therapeutic massages to rejuvenating treatments or something relaxing to ease away the stresses of daily life, our therapists embrace a deeper level of understanding of mind, body and spirit to ensure our classic and enduring range of treatments brings you whatever your body needs most.


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Face Massage

60 Minutes

Lifting, firming, and toning, this treatment aims to destress, define and rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen, as your therapist uses different techniques to work on all areas of the neck, face and scalp.

A workout for the face while you lay back and relax.

Body Massage

60 Minutes

If you need something relaxing to ease away stresses or a deep massage to address those difficult knots, aches and pains, our expertly trained therapists ensure that your massage is tailor-made to your needs.

Back Massage

30 Minutes

This treatment focuses on the back only. If you are suffering with muscle tension and knots this is the ideal treatment to soothe and help get rid of your pain.

Pregnancy Massage

60 Minutes

Massage can be an extremely important tool during pregnancy. Our massage is based at different stages of the pregnancy as each stage requires different attention and techniques. You will feel a sense of harmony as tensions have been released. This massage is suitable for clients over 12 weeks pregnant.

Please advise stage of pregnancy at the time of booking to avoid disappointment.

Therapeutic Touch

60 Minutes

This massage was designed to support those who have to manage their experiences with cancer. This specialist massage can help improve the quality of life, relaxation, sleep and immune function. It can ease the anxiety, pain and fatigue bringing comfort, nurture and support. Every massage is tailored on a physical and emotional level according to each individual.

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