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Treatments at Dormy House Spa

Our luxurious treatments use Temple Spa and Proverb treatment ranges. Temple spa is a British brand of science-led skincare bathed in Mediterranean sunshine whilst Proverb exists to inspire a 360-degree approach to wellness and stress relief, to integrate lifestyle, skincare and results-driven treatments.

Times and bookings
Treatments are available between 9am – 5.30pm.
Subject to therapist availability

As treatments are always in high demand, we recommend booking these as soon as your room is confirmed.


Tel: 01386 859910


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Relieve the stresses of everyday life

Dormy House Spa features six lovely treatment rooms and a menu of treatments to soothe every bone and warm your heart.

Dormy House


Really rejuenating facials by Temple Spa

Proverb body treatment


Face and body treatments with a holistic approach to wellness and stress relief.

Mo Chef's table dining

Body Beautiful

Top-to-toe body treatments

Afternoon Tea


Our ground-breaking approach in massage techniques.

Greenhouse Dormy House

The Float Tank

The purest form of relaxation to benefit the mind and body.

Wave touch hands free massage<br />

Hands free massage

25 minutes

Experience a truly holistic treatment encompassing the senses. Warm water jets massage the body from head to toe, whilst you float almost weightlessly on a dry water surface.

The soothing warmth and gentle power of the water activates deep into the tissues, loosening muscles and relieving tension. A canopy with LED light therapy encourages an increase in collagen production and with regular use can tighten the skin, improve texture and reduce the formation of lines and wrinkles.

During your treatment a sound system, built into the bed, will deliver your choice of relaxing music and meditative sounds resulting in complete relaxation.



Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch was designed to support those who have to manage their experiences with cancer.  

This specialist massage can help improve the quality of life, relaxation, sleep and immune function. It can ease the anxiety, pain and fatigue bringing comfort, nurture and support. 

Every massage is tailored on a physical and emotional level according to each individual.  

60 minute treatment.

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