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House Spa is all about making you feel absolutely fabulous.

Diamond Indulgence

If Rihanna really wanted to shine bright like a diamond, she’d have come to the House Spa and treated herself to a Natura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion, lifting her skin, smoothing her wrinkles and giving her a bright, even tone all over. This pampering package includes a Natura Bissé treatment, massage, Champagne lunch in the Greenhouse and full access to the thermal suite, pool and hot tub.

The Diamond Indulgence spa day includes:
90-minute Diamond Life Infusion Ritual
60-minute full-body massage
Champagne lunch in the Greenhouse
Full use of the House Spa facilities
Treatment time 2 hours 30 mins

Available Mondays – Thursdays
Price £250

Silent Night Spa Day

Work, travelling and daily stresses of life really take its toll
and interfere with our sleep patterns.
The aim of this Spa day is to help restore the body’s natural
bio-rhythm and deeply relax the nervous system. In order to
prepare the body you must first brush and scrub away any
negative energy of the day with gentle body brushing and a
sugar buff treatment to leave skin feeling silky smooth and
ready for that next step.

Warm drift away oil containing deep lavender and
chamomile tones is massaged into the body with our expert
PURE massage and deep breathing techniques. As the body
warms, the aromatherapy coaxes the body into rebooting
depleted energy, leaving you feeling relaxed.
A pressure point head massage assisted with warm oil
containing vitamin A, E and D, take your mind to that next
level of relaxation.

You leave with a lovely Temple Spa gift of “Silent Night
Sleep” the perfect partner to take home to finish your
journey with a good night’s sleep!

Treatment time of 2 hours 30 minutes includes:
Outer Glow Body Scrub
Mini Facial
Full Body Massage
Head Start
Light Lunch in The Greenhouse
Full usage of Spa and Leisure Facilities

Available Mondays – Thursdays
Price £195

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