House Spa: Walk in. Float out.

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Dormy House is delighted to be working with Temple Spa, the finest British spa brand, offering face and body treatments that are out of this world.

Temple Spa is devoted to de – stressing, rebalancing and restoring the body against everyday stress.  Combining rich Mediterranean botanical extracts and cashmere textures with cutting-edge science, all products and treatments are geared towards serious results, total skin preservation and overall wellbeing.

Black truffle, champagne, diamonds, and platinum blend with endorphin-releasing actives to encourage deep cellular rejuvenation.  There are gorgeous aromas and names that really make you smile.

Working in conjunction with Dormy House, Temple Spa has created a bespoke and unique treatment using locally-sourced Lavender, bringing a little piece of the Cotswold botanical heaven into the spa.

House Spa therapists have all undergone intensive training by massage expert Beata Aleksandrowicz. Beata is the London-based massage trainer who pioneered the famous Pure Massage Spa training method. “Massage is not just pampering, it’s taking care of yourself,” says Beata. “House Spa has invested in this, to ensure that customers receive a really exceptional massage.”

If you would like to book a treatment while you are staying with us please call us on 01386 852711 or E-mail us